October Mental Health Reminders: Breaks Are Ok!

Emma Correll (she/her), Columnist

As fall commences, most of us are eager to snuggle up inside our blankets and bask in the natural familiar feeling of autumn weather. For some, this may be a common occurrence all year round. Some days may feel worse than others, but it is important to remember: that is 100% okay! We may not feel like forcing ourselves to stress about fulfilling every task that may be on our to-do lists or getting out and exerting our energy.


We can attempt our best to do all that we can, but, for some who may feel overwhelmed, this can prove to be a difficult task. When such feelings come about, you shouldn’t fear taking a step back and taking a few moments to breathe deeply. Many studies have shown that taking frequent breaks can even have benefits with academics, including relieving stress, improving memory, boosting creativity, and increasing productivity and engagement. When taking a look into employee’s productivity, studies have found that the most productive workers spend 15-20 minutes taking a break for every approximately-50 minutes doing work-related tasks 


Now, it is painfully obvious that, while we are in our classes or studying, we have a set time to work, and it may not always be easy to get the time we need for a break. Taking a break is still recommended nonetheless; it can be as simple as closing your eyes for a few brief moments, going to the bathroom, spending time off of screens, engaging in mask breaks, or taking a few moments to spend with friends. 


Because we all feel the struggles of our daily lives in different ways we must adjust in different ways as well. Take the time you need to be the best person you can possibly be!