Timing is Everything: How Our Student Section Took The Spotlight Away from Football’s Big Homecoming Win

Ryan Gray, Reporter

Coming off a shortened season due to COVID, the Niwot Cougar football team and the students watching it were eager to see what the team could offer. The first half got off to a slow start, as Riverdale Ridge was the sole scorer, making it 6-0 in the first quarter. The score stayed the same in the second quarter. The second half is where things got interesting, and Niwot got the first of their many touchdowns of the night. Finally, as Niwot got to the fourth quarter, the team began to gain momentum and was able to close out the night and secure a win. This started homecoming weekend with a win, a rare sight for the Niwot community. 


The most memorable thing about the homecoming football game, however, wasn’t our big win but, instead, what happened after the game. It was the middle of the fourth quarter when the student section began to stir. They were finally getting to rush the field in celebration of a rare Niwot win. Principal Rauschkolb ushered the students off the stands and onto the Everly Montgomery field. The game seemingly ended, and all of the student section rushed the field, possibly for the last time…


Unfortunately, the students (including myself) ran onto the field just a little too soon. Disrupting the euphoric feeling coming off the students as they ran towards the team was the yelling from the sidelines telling us to go back. No one knew what was going on or what to do. Slowly, the crowd started heading back toward the end zone. Our mistake was clear: there was still one second left on the clock, and there was an injury on the field. The excitement was tangible, but it subsided as we waited again for our chance to rightfully rush the field. 


Finally, we were given the opportunity to rush the field – for real this time – but everyone proceeded with caution just to make sure it truly was the right time. While winning our homecoming game and being able to rush the field were huge victories, the true star of the show at the homecoming game was the student section. It was our first time this season rushing the field, and something tells me that it will probably be our last.