Student Spotlight: Audrey Asbury

Cayden Justice, Reporter

“My favorite part about theater is that it not only brings me so much joy but also allows me to bring joy to others,” says Niwot Sophomore, Audrey Asbury. Audrey joined theater at the age of five when her mom signed her up for a theater summer camp. “I would sing really loudly all around the house. She [Audrey’s mom] was like, ‘this kid can probably perform.’” 


Her mom was right. Ever since that first summer camp, Audrey has been performing as much as possible. Some of her favorite roles have been Pugsley from The Addams family and Little Red from Into the Woods. These roles excite Audrey because they give her the chance to see the unique perspectives of each character. She explains that when she is playing a role, she thinks about and reacts to everything as if she actually is the character she is portraying by internalizing who that character is at their core. 


Audrey also explained that theater has helped her confidence and self image, saying, “It showed me how to express myself, and it helped me learn who I am as a person and as a leader.” It was this leadership that led to Audrey recently being appointed as a State Thespian Officer! State Thespian Officers are leaders for their state’s chapter of the International Thespian Society. They help plan ThesCon and advocate for the arts locally and nationally. Audrey said, “One thing that I’ve learned is that I want to continue art advocacy because I’m so privileged to have such a great experience with the arts growing up. I always had access to lessons and the ability to be in great shows. I know there’s a lot of people that would love to have that and they don’t.” Audrey loves theater because the audience gets to feel the emotions of the production, and she gets to be a part of something that puts a smile on other people’s faces. However, when the arts are undermined in our society a lot of people miss out on that joy. “If I can help the arts and advocate for them in any way so that they can have a glimpse or just any portion of what I am so grateful and lucky to have, that would mean the world to me, whether it’s arts advocacy for high schools or just supporting the arts by going to see shows and supporting the people that work in the arts.” 


When asked what advice she has for younger Niwot students, Audrey responded saying, “Every individual comes to the table with something different, so my advice would be to be your unusual, authentic self and bring everything to the table that you can.” It is clear that Audrey has a passion for helping others and sharing her joy by doing something she loves. It will be exciting to see where she takes her passion and how she impacts her community in the years to come.