Looking for Something to Watch?

Lauren Hendershot, Reporter

A Boy Called Sailboat is about a handful of very odd people who live in a quiet town in the middle of nowhere.


The story begins when the main character, a five year old boy named Sailboat, finds a little guitar. His Abuela [grandmother] tells him that, “you find the most important things when you’re not looking.” Sailboat takes her advice to heart and starts his journey of writing what other characters in the movie will come to call “the greatest song they’ve ever heard.” 


This movie is filled with good advice and amazing character arcs. There were many moments when I screamed and laughed out loud. 


The strange but likeable characters and the fact that their house is literally being held up by a stick, truly makes this movie remarkable. Meaning can be found in every scene of this fantastically made film- all you have to do is look. 


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