Prom 2021: Dancing Under the Stars

Ethan Rauschkolb , Reporter

In a year where the phrase “these challenging times” has lost all sense of meaning, it’s a relief to finally be stepping back towards normal. It’s been over a year since Niwot’s last school dance, and everyone can feel the excitement in the air from the long-anticipated celebration.


Originally, the Niwot Student Council wasn’t sure if they would be able to host Prom at all, but Student Council was determined to give the Niwot seniors a proper sendoff. However, after contacting several offsite venues about hosting, it was ultimately decided that holding Prom on the tennis courts was a viable option – especially considering the alternative. In addition to hosting Prom on school grounds, an email sent out on April 24, 2021 from the St. Vrain Valley School District announced that masks would no longer be required outside, allowing the Prom celebration to be mask free. However, to remain mask free students may only dance in their pods of ten. 


Unlike other years, the 2021 prom doesn’t have a theme, but the students setting up the dance will be reusing decorations from years past to make the best of a difficult situation – and isn’t that the moral of the story? Niwot High School normalities have adapted in incredible ways this year; from recorded theater performances, online clubs, and remote learning, this year has been exceedingly difficult and extremely influential. It’s amazing to look back on this year and marvel at how students and faculty have banded together to continue providing for each other in meaningful ways. As we look back on this year, we can also look forward to an exciting end of year celebration that represents the culmination of overcoming adversity and finding the light.

UPDATE 5/16/21 Due to forcasted inclimate weather, the dance was moved inside. The pod structure was abandoned but masks became mandatory.