The Hint about “Hint”

Elise Jensen , Reporter

After our first ever student produced production at Niwot High School, here are some Hints behind Ethan Rauschkolb’s “Hint”. His ideas behind “Hint” first started during the fall while enrolled in the Boulder Ensemble Theater Company Intergen, where young people were paired up with people over 65. Out of this experience he realized that he just wanted to write a comedy to make people laugh during times of COVID and everything in between. 


So how did his play go from just an idea to a set and a whole production? Ms. Foulke is the answer. The now previous drama teacher knew of the class Rauschkolb was taking and asked him to write something for the advanced drama class to perform. Immediately, his mind went towards his work in progress “Hint”. After seeing his work, the advanced drama class began to work on “Hint”, but unfortunately the production was shut down after the school’s closure towards the end of semester one. During that time, Ms. Foulke and Rauschkolb continued to revise the play in order to begin rehearsing again in January. 


As the rehearsals started up again, the play started coming together. The set was created to mimic the mansion of Henrietta Window and the setting of the dinner where the comedy takes place. And as the rehearsals coals to an end, film production began and the final stages of the play were in effect. It was very unique to see our school actors with clear masks and on a beautiful set once again after such a year. And with that, Hint became a real life production. In the end, student produced plays may not make it to the big stage with productions like Niwot’s Spring musical, but for Rauschkolb’s debut production what a performance this was!