Boys Basketball Season Continues Amidst Covid Restrictions

Elise Jensen , Reporter

With boys basketball in full swing, there are many noticeable differences between this year’s season and last year. With COVID-19 still a factor in all Colorado sports, boys and girls basketball have both been moved to season B (which started practice on Jan. 18th and competition on Jan. 25th). The season has been going on for a little over a month, with the Boy’s Varsity Team having played a few more than 7 games at the time of this publication. The season started out shakey for our boys, and they have faced numerous challenges this season due to COVID-19 that could be the reason for the tough outcomes of these games. Both players on the court and on the bench are required to wear masks at all times, even when not playing. Overall, our boys are very good at following these rules, which helps prepare our school for the upcoming sports. Another new feature about this indoor COVID-19 season is that games at the beginning of the season have not allowed spectators, and only coaches, players, and refs are allowed in the gym. Because of this, all of the basketball games are streamed online, allowing more people to view them for free. Nevertheless, the switch from hearing screaming stands of students to a quiet court has been jarring for players, and has left many longing for a return to normalcy on the court as restrictions change in the school setting. Overall, with basketball being a contact sport and requiring more precautions, our boys are handling the changes extremely well!