Your Monthly Review: Valentine’s Day

Your Monthly Review: Valentine's Day

Freddie Ambrose, Columnist

What’s your favorite holiday? A common question, usually used as a simple conversation starter, but as you delve deeper into this question you will discover a strange anomaly. The answer is almost never: “Well, I think Valentine’s Day is a pretty good one.” You just won’t hear it. If you do, someone is lying to themselves. It’s like having grape be your favorite candy flavor, it just sucks but we find a way to stomach it anyway. Like I’m positive, if February wasn’t the worst month of the year then Valentine’s Day would be nothing more than a cool fact on Really though, the most common things associated with Valentine’s Day are arrow-shooting diapered babies and handmade cards about as visually appealing as a cracked windshield. Overall I’d give Valentine’s Day 4/10 match sticks. -Freddie