A Page From Your Book

Olga Rokhlenko , Junior Editor & Columnist

Hello dear readers! Welcome to A Page From Your Book. The goal of the Green and Black is to elevate student voices and stories. In this column, we aim to give a platform to the authors who don’t share their stories under their own names. By sharing our stories anonymously, we can grow together as a community through our shared experiences. We want to cultivate a community where we can spark deep conversations we wouldn’t otherwise have had. Here are the pages from your books! 


Do you have any negative memories related to the holidays? What are they?

  • “I don’t have any negative memories related to the holidays, but holidays this year still felt melancholy. By not being able to see family or friends, we were all reminded of why we love holidays and what is really important when we celebrate them.”
  • “My family fights a lot during the holidays so I end up feeling more alone than welcomed during those times. I don’t share that with them because they are having fun but it tends to get hard.”
  • “I don’t think I can really see Thanksgiving the same after losing some family members this year due to COVID-19”


If you could forget one memory you have from last year, what would you want to forget?

  • “I would want to forget COVID. Just blip into the future, and forget all the bad things from COVID ever happened. Even though this virus is natural, it feels like it has robbed a part of my childhood away.”
  • “I would want to forget the covid scare my family had. My dad was sick so he had to go to urgent care one day. It turned out nothing was wrong but I would just like to forget how scared I was for my family.”

February is the month in which we celebrate love. Through the holidays and through Covid, it has been so important to lean on your family, appreciate them, love them. Whether that be your biological family or your chosen one, let them know how much gratitude you have for them. Their love is the glue binding our books together.