Covid-19 Vaccinations Continued: What Immunizations Look Like for SVVSD Staff

Sadie Conolly, Journalist


Boulder County has recently entered the 1B phase in the COVID-19 vaccination schedule. In a brief summary of Colorado’s vaccination plan, there are three phases of vaccinations. Phase 1 has taken place this past winter and is divided into two subphases (further divided into phases each). 


The subdivisions are as follows: 

  • Phase 1A.1 includes high-risk healthcare workers exposed to Covid-19 more than 15 minutes per 24 hours. Phase 1B.1 includes high-risk individuals 70 and older, moderate risk health professionals, and first responders. 
  • Phase 1B.2 includes individuals 65-69, PreK-12 educators, and other staff/childcare workers. 
  • Phase 1B.3 will include individuals who are compromised ages 16-64 with two or more existing medical conditions.  


The spring phase (phase 2) will include anyone ages 60-64, all government workers for the continuation of state government, people ages 16-65 who have one pre-existing health condition compromising them, and also adults who reviewed the placebo vaccine during clinical trials. Phase three, taking place during the upcoming summer months, will include the rest of the general public 16-64. 


Monday, February 8th marked the commencement of phase 1B.2 where teachers can begin to be vaccinated. Teachers were previously included in the phase 2 group and were moved into phase 1B.1 by state governor Jared Polis on December 30th, 2020. Since then, SVVSD employees have the opportunity to register for the vaccine. There are many places to register for the vaccine, including UC Health, Kaiser Permanente, Centura Health, Boulder Community Health, Safeway, King Soopers adn SCL Health.  SVVSD initially partnered with UC health to administer vaccination to staff. 


Teachers at Niwot were more than willing to share their feelings and experiences in receiving their vaccinations. Ms. Pieterse was able to receive her first vaccine on Sunday, February 8th through a provider called Nextera. She had signed up through the provider Kaiser but was on a waitlist there with 22,000 people ahead of her. Many SVVSD employees received an email to make an appointment at Nextera, which was offering appointments for vaccinations to teachers and educational staff. She received an email the following day from UC health offering an appointment but declined because she had already received the vaccine from Nextera. SVVSD is partnered with UC Health to provide vaccinations for staff and teachers, so many teachers have followed that route. UC health has had a shortage of vaccination and when phase 1B.2 was started, many staff were waitlisted and not able to receive vaccines when they wanted.  Ms. Roberts also received her vaccine at around the same time, on Monday, February 9th. She was on the UC health and Kaiser vaccine list but ultimately received the vaccine from Nextera as well. Nextera has been reaching out to schools when they have extra vaccinations in order to efficiently administer vaccines to as many teachers as possible as we move through phase 1B.2. Thanks to Nextra’s generosity, many more of our teachers can stay safe from COVID-19!


Thank you to teachers Ms. Pieterse and Ms. Roberts for offering insight into the experience of receiving vaccinations! As we continue to move through the vaccination process, hopefully all of our teachers will get the opportunity to be vaccinated to make their jobs as educators safer. Thank you to all our wonderful teachers in these difficult times! 


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