Creative Analysis: Inspiration for Noah Randall’s “The Sky”

Elise Jensen , Journalist

After a recent interview with Noah Randall (Senior), author of the poem “The Sky” (which was featured in the last issue of the Green and Black), he shared some information on the poem he wrote. In the interview he discussed inspiration, themes, and shared what he wants his readers to know when reading his work. 


Inspiration for the poem was centered around a moment of dissociation. The first line talks about summer nights, which references Randall’s memory of watering his garden on summer nights. Randall described the feeling as, “a moment of tranquility that fazes you in and out of reality”. He felt as though he wanted to show the reader his perception of a wandering mind that connects the feeling of stillness to memory. 


The concepts of stillness and memory turn into a theme of seeing the big picture. Randall mentioned that seeing the big picture allows the reader to disassociate, practicing the idea of awareness as the most important parts of the situation are apparent while other parts of the situation don’t necessarily need to be seen. Many themes in the poem seem obvious until the reader analyzes them deeply to see how difficult it is to be in that state of mind. It is very often you find yourself obsessing about the small things in life that you forget to think about the more important things. At the end of the interview, Randall said he encourages the reader to disassociate in life in general, as it inspires a feeling of calamity and being grounded – a feeling that Randall hopes everyone can feel. 


After sitting down with Randall and hearing his inspiration for writing the story, the meaning of the poem was completely different than presented at a surface level. Gaining a deeper understanding of the poem in the end can help the reader connect with the intentions of the author. 


If you haven’t read Noah Randall’s  poem, you can find it in the January issue of the Green and Black or on the up and coming newspaper website. It is truly a great read for literature lovers!