Is It Better to be Single on Valentine’s Day? (Opinion)

Jordyn Stewart, Journalist

For some, Valentines day has always had a bittersweet feeling. The dreadful feeling of needing to have a “Valentine” seems to grow stronger every year. It seems that this year has put a weird spin on what used to be normal. The question this year becomes: Is it better to be single on Valentines day in 2021? 


The year, COVID-19 seems to have delayed many long standing traditions and ways of living. This year, being single on Valentine’s day may be the way to go! Things have changed for couples this year with limited restaurant capacity, closed movie theaters, and freezing cold weather. The anxiety of being single on Valentine’s day, now a sign of safety in this COVID time, may have turned around and created a less stressful day. 


Many students at Niwot shared their insights on these potential drawbacks. Lily Mastrangelo talked about the stress associated with being inside of a restaurant and having limited options. Mastrangelo said, “I felt like I couldn’t enjoy my meal since I was so worried about getting COVID in the restaurant. There were so few options this year to celebrate Valentine’s day so we ended up baking at my house.” Though options were limited due to COVID-19, she still seemed to be able to have a fun and special Valentine’s day. 


The idea of having nothing to do for Valentine’s day seems to be somewhat limited. Simply stretching the boundaries of typical Valentine’s day traditions are a simple solution. Maddi Stapp was able to expand on these thoughts. Stapp said, “[…] similar to Lily, I went to a restaurant but was somewhat nervous. Although I was happy to see that the restaurant maintained good covid protocols and reservations were required in advance.” Knowing that restaurants are being safe about indoor eating is reassuring, and there’s always the option to sit outside. 


However, after talking to Avery Verbeck, I heard more about how not only COVID-19, but the cold temperatures impacted the option of eating out. Verbeck said, “I would usually go out to dinner with friends, or with my significant other, but because of covid we were not able to go into a restaurant in big groups, and would have had to sit outside in the cold weather.” Not only did COVID-19 affect this Valentine’s day but so did the freezing temperature, and the simple outdoor eating solution was also taken away. 


All of that being said, there are still many fun and covid-friendly ways of having a good Valentine’s day. Aleah Keppler talked about how there was no negative impact on her day. Keppler said, “I was still able to spend quality time with my significant other. Although we weren’t able to go out to dinner, we stayed in, spent time with my family, and still had a very nice time.” 


Even with unfortunate circumstances and limitations, there were still many options and ways of having a good time on Valentine’s day in 2021. Although, for those who are single, at least the usual stress about the day was limited!