For Niwot Cross Country, the Show Must Go On

Mercer Stauch, Editor in Chief

It may have come as a surprise to some when Niwot managed to cleanly take both State Cross Country titles at the end of the fall season, but for the athletes involved, it didn’t feel out of the ordinary. While most sports are required to cut back on practices, games, and numbers of participants, CHSAA has permitted Niwot’s extensive running program to continue. That’s not to say things aren’t different; practice times are staggered to split up athlete groups, and masks are worn whenever social distancing can’t be maintained. Thankfully, these guidelines don’t seem to be getting in the way of the team’s success. The official Cross Country season has ended, but per usual, training hasn’t stopped. Athletes and coaches alike are finding ways to stay motivated and in shape while keeping their fingers crossed for a track season that at least somewhat resembles past years. 


As part of this process, maintaining a positive relationship with the Niwot community has been one of the team’s main goals. The team shares the Niwot paths with many pedestrians, and masking-up and forming single file formations when passing has been the most noticeable change in protocol. Community feedback has been mostly supportive, mainly due to the limited COVID cases throughout so many months. This also serves as a nod to CHSAA’s judgement about the nature of running: it’s hard for the virus to spread when you’re running and outdoors. 


Ultimately, running is a passion that has gotten many athletes through the mental struggle of quarantine. Now that a vaccine exists, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for everyone who has missed doing the things they love. Niwot’s runners can’t wait either, and much like running up the backside of Legend Hill, the sooner this is all over, the better.