A Freshman’s Perspective

Ella Lamkin, Reporter

Niwot High School is a place for rapid freshman year adjustment. It may seem intimidating or exciting or both, but there is nothing to fear. Understanding high school takes time; finding a group, getting used to the school, discovering one’s interests, can all be a lot to comprehend, but so many have done this before, and so can everyone else entering freshman year. Everyone understands a freshman’s position.  


I came from a middle school that was not too far away from NHS, and the reason why I attended NHS was so I could participate in the IB Program. I also wanted to make new friends from the group of students that I was part of during elementary and middle school. I was shy, quiet, and not very outgoing. I barely communicated with my peers, but luckily I was given a second chance at Niwot. I was happy to find a school that was inviting, and I was ready for a fresh start. I settled in quite quickly; I got the hang of homework and grew to understand my peers and my teachers. I saw change in myself. I found my confidence. I was excited to go to school each day. Niwot has a great environment: you will find the best staff that is always happy to have you at school and creates an incredibly welcoming atmosphere. No matter what they have heard from friends and past Niwot students, all students can agree – NHS has a different vibe that allows for personal growth and new friendships, offering a fresh start for everyone.


I found that the hardest thing was figuring out who my new friend group would be. Not to worry, though, because there are so many different groups of people with a huge variety of interests. There are people who focus on music, people who act or do stage work in theater, people who play sports, and so much more. You’ll find people both different and similar to you in the best ways.  


My friend Katherine Wooduoy kindly agreed to interview about her freshman year.


Q: “What is your full name? How old are you?”

A: “I am Katherine Woodbuoy, and I am 14 years old.”


Q: “What were your first thoughts about attending Niwot”

A: “I was pretty excited! I joined the basketball team first thing, and that was pretty cool. Getting into sports is a great first thing to do, [as] I found a lot of great people there”


Q: “Is freshman year better than you expected. Any fears you have overcome before, during, or after entering freshman year?”

A: “Definitely! It’s better than expected, and yes, I have no sense of navigation, it’s a big school, but even in a week, I figured out my way around”


Q: “Would you say that you’re glad to be coming to school as a freshman?” 

A: “Yes! I am very happy with the way everything is happening, I am very happy with what I come to school for.”