Your Monthly Review: Notability

Notability. It’s the app you may know from the sentence,  “Copy this into Notability”’ or maybe even “Google Docs isn’t working so I guess I have to use Notability.” It’s an app that will seem eerily familiar to anyone who has ever used the famous duo of pen and paper. For me, it turns my handwriting from already pretty rough into what it would look like if a sea urchin dipped itself in ink and slowly rolled across a piece of paper. We all know Notability, and it’s no big deal right? What you may not know about this pinnacle of computerized calligraphy is that Beethoven himself originally composed all nine of his symphonies on Notability before they were adapted by his orchestra in Voice Memos. Contrary to what you might think when discussing free note taking software, it isn’t all fame, glory and grandeur. There are rumors that this innocent app may be selling your “Unit 1 Cell Definitions” notes to mysterious buyers. Imagine the damage that kind of information could do in the wrong hands. Overall I give Notability 3 out of 5 Chrome Dinosaurs. – Ryan


It’s the first week of school and you’ve already made it through many a boring monologue about the expectations in your “introduction to svvsd WiFi” or “personally I have no idea what’s going on in this literacy class,” and as you sit down to mentally trudge through another, you decide to distract yourself with one of your many syllabi printed out on bright paper that almost makes it unreadable. Buried in this dungeon of rules and card stock lies the “important apps” section, home to a patchy black and white image of the Notability app, the purest symbol of boredom and busy work. In the many hours I’ve spent on notability I’ve noticed that I spend about 18% of the time doing my work, 22% hating myself for leaving my stylus at home, 25% complaining that the text box disappears before I can even write about anything, and the final 35% wondering how everyone else’s handwriting is so good when mine looks like you took a small infant, gave it a sharpie, and left it with white clothing on in a room for an hour. The times that I have found myself using notability are the times when there is absolutely no other convenient way to finish an assignment. If you enjoy the feeling of migraine headaches Notability is the perfect app for all your projects and assignments. Overall I would give notability 2 monkeys jumping on the bed out of 5. – Freddie 


*Disclaimer – These reviews are based loosely on false information 

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