Softball Season Recap

Josephine Gravelle, Sports Reporter

This fall, Niwot High School’s softball team was lucky to get to play, even with a shortened season with half the games in a normal season. Right off the bat (no pun intended),the first game was held in the first week of school within a week of tryouts. Because of COVID-19, in an effort to limit the spread by restricting the number of people, members of the JV team alternated playing in games, taking turns so that everyone would get the opportunity to play. We faced other new challenges during the season to minimize the spread of the virus, such as limiting the number of spectators of games to two people per player and player gatherings outside of the sport not being permitted. All players were mandated to wear masks (which was not too much to ask in the grand scheme of things) but it was a struggle when playing schools outside of Boulder County that did not have the same regulation. Niwot was wearing masks while competitors were not. 


This year’s softball program consisted of almost all underclassmen, with over half of the varsity team being freshman and sophomores. There was only one senior in the program. The season started quickly, causing many girls to miss the first few games and starting Varsity off on a bad foot after losing their first few games. The team went 7-9 overall, but in their division they went five hundred, with four wins and four losses. Niwot High School’s varsity team was the only team to beat the division winner, Riverdale Ridge, in an amazing extra innings game. This ten inning victory showed just how much potential this young team has, and it was the most fun game to play. Niwot also beat the division runner-up, Fredrick,  in the eighth inning on the opposing team’s senior night. While Niwot’s JV team had no wins this season, they fought  hard and had a good time nonetheless. Getting to play during these hard times was an amazing opportunity for the players, and we cannot wait until next year when the team can come back stronger than ever before.