Student Council Update: Prom

RJ Justice, Journalist

If you’re wondering what we’ll be doing for prom this year, you’re not the only one. With COVID-19 guidelines getting more and less restrictive in waves, it’s been difficult to predict what school events we will be able to hold this year.

Considering the fact that the hybrid school schedule was recently shut down, it doesn’t look promising to have a regular prom this coming spring. 

The good thing is that while we may not have a “regular” prom, we are doing our best to ensure that we have a prom. 

Right now, we are planning on holding prom in the gym. While that doesn’t sound initially appealing, it made sense to decide to plan on the gym since we have a limited budget and restrictions are uncertain. The juniors in Student Council have contacted various venues in the past couple months to sort out what guidelines we need to follow, venue prices, and cancellation policies, and the gym was simply the best option. Ms. Baker and our administration fully support this decision. 

Without the additional cost of an outside venue, we will be able to allocate more money towards other things such as music and decorations.

This year, Student Council is planning on spending more money on the DJ. Music absolutely makes or breaks a dance, so by giving up on an outside venue, we will be gaining an amazing music and effects experience. 

We will also be able to spend more money on decorations, which will make you completely forget that we’re in a high school gym. The big theme for this year will be 1920s / The Great Gatsby. The Student Council juniors have done a lot of research on decoration packages, so our gym is going to be completely transformed. 

The only bad news for prom is the uncertainty. We’re not sure what capacity restrictions or social distancing guidelines will look like, nor are we completely sure that we will be able to hold a prom at all. We’ve considered limited access first-come-first-serve tickets, or possibly separate junior and senior proms. Whatever the restrictions, we’re extremely hopeful that we’ll be able to at least hold a prom, no matter what it looks like. 

Either way, we’ll make the best out of the situation.