Niwot Environmental Club Fracking Project

There are many laws in place to attempt to mitigate the effects of fracking. Colorado has some of the strictest laws in the country with Boulder County limiting fracking sites (as seen in this map comparing fracking in Weld to Boulder County). However, with the largest fracking site in Colorado proposed inside Boulder County, this typically green county seems to be taking a turn for non-renewables. Despite the laws and regulations fracking companies have to follow, fracking still has massive negative effects. Studies show that the current setbacks from fracking sites are much too small for fracking companies to recognize; noxious gases can travel over 2000ft from their source, while methane and small earthquakes caused by fracking are very hard to control. Nevertheless, with increased fracking, more and more land is being built on and surrounding areas are made uninhabitable. 


Niwot’s Environmental Club has been trying to get fracking banned in Boulder County over the past month. The club began its efforts in early November by producing an emotion-based video for the public and the county commissioners to ban fracking and increase setbacks, as well as to prevent the Crestone project. This video was posted on Youtube, Instagram, and Nextdoor by organizations such as 350CO (an environmental group based in Colorado). Members of the environmental club also joined two county commissioners’ meetings open to public comment, which were mainly dominated by anti-fracking citizens of Boulder County. Currently, the club is working on a new educational-style video for citizens of Niwot and Colorado that explains what fracking is and why it should be banned. To join the movement, contact Maya Beauvineau ([email protected]) or other members of the Environmental club. 


While the Crestone fracking project does loom over citizens of Niwot and students at Niwot High School, it’s clear that there’s a large movement of people here to help prevent it so that we can make Boulder County and the world cleaner.


Watch the Environmental Club’s video here:


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