That’s a Wrap! How did Niwot’s Fall Sports do this Season?

Emma Ortiz (she/her), Reporter

The 2021 fall sports season was unlike any other. After last year – when no fall sport was being played due to the Covid-19 restrictions – our athletes came back better than ever. Athletic Director Joe Brown says that, “The best thing that happened this season would be that we’re playing.” Not only playing, but playing with full capacity crowds. With a rowdy and rejuvenating student section at almost every game, athletes could not have had better support, and each sport deserves a huge congratulations! Whether that be breaking new records or simply crossing the finish line, each player deserves their own recognition; let’s break it down.



In years past, Niwot’s football hasn’t had a great reputation with their career: this year was different. In the 13 years since 2008, Niwot High’s football team hasn’t won more than 4 games, but this year they’ve ended with their best record in a long time. What players recognized this year is that the most important thing about football is the family created by the team dynamic. “You are not going to find a tighter group of guys. They eat, sleep, and breathe for each other both on and off the field,” says head football Coach Blume. This year was Freshman Max Herrera’s first year on the team. “My favorite thing about football was the teammates,” he explained, “and they made the season, hands down.” When teams work together off the field they start to play better too, and this team definitely saw that as a result this year. 


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Cross Country

Cross Country was one of the most successful sports of the Fall season, and their accomplishments go on and on. They won their league championship and went on to compete at the state tournament. At state, boys cross country won team runner up. Senior Zane Bergen committed to Stanford University for cross country and won as a state champion. As for girls cross country, Eva Klingbeil won as a state champion, and her whole team won the team state championships as well, making that the 4th victory in a row at that level. Both boys and girls teams are now ranked top 5 in the nation with boys at number 3 and girls at number 2. Insane! 

(“Gallery: 2021 Class 4A State championships.” Left Hand Valley Courier, 30 Oct. 2021)


Girls Volleyball

The Volleyball team this year went above and beyond, finishing undefeated in their league and winning 13-0. Overall, they won 25 out of 29 games – that’s an 86% win rate! Niwot’s Girl’s Volleyball team zoomed through regionals, sending them straight to the state competition. From there, they quickly moved up the ranks to semi-finals. As CHSAA described, “The Cougars turned away everything the Red-Tailed Hawks could think to throw at them,” even after the Red-Tailed Hawks from Cheyenne Mountain had consistent attacks all year long. Additionally, Seniors Zoe Gibbs and Morgan Daughtry both signed to continue to play volleyball next year in college. What the volleyball team excelled at this year was showing team spirit, and the student section was alive at every game cheering on our outstanding players. 



With all the twists, turns, and flips, gymnastics is a sport that takes a lot of bravery even when the Niwot Gymnasts make it look easy. Our gymnastics team is currently ranked 2nd in the state! At the 2021 state championships, Niwot girls won second place overall. Niwot’s team rose above other schools in St. Vrain Valley, and these girls were mostly excited to be able to compete as a team and show off their incredible talent. 


Boy’s Tennis

After winning the team state championships last year, Niwot’s tennis players showed up again this year finishing 3rd at state even after losing 9 seniors from the team. Most notably, Li Chen won two single state championships. The team is looking forward to bringing almost everybody back next year to make another run at the state championship with an older, wiser team. 



After a year of cheer during Covid-19, the Niwot Cheer team was finally allowed to do lifts and stunts in contrast to having to be socially distanced. As one of the largest teams they’ve had so far, cheer has had to build from the ground up while competing at high levels. Thai year especially, Cheer has been consistent in showing their school spirit and bringing their energy to every game and competition. 



After falling short of the playoffs last year, the Niwot Girls Softball team had one of their better seasons after making the postseason regionals this year! The team was very young this season, and they look forward to progressing their athletes as they spend more time practicing and growing their experience. .


Boys Soccer

Placed as 4th in the league, boy’s soccer just keeps getting better and better. In their third year of playing against Regis-Groff in the playoff games, Niwot was looking forward to beating them after their postseason started. All their hard work paid off after they won 1-0 and moved on to the playoff game against The Classical Academy. 


Unified Bowling

This year, Niwot started their very own Unified Bowling team. This addition has been one of the biggest highlights in the sports season. Every Monday, these athletes and coaches head over to Centennial Lanes to go bowl with other team members in our district. They always have a blast and learn new things about bowling while making friends. Unified Bowling is amazing because it gives every team member a chance to try a sport and compete with their amazing talents.