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Josh Ludski-Lee (he/him), Co Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to The Daily Driver – a car column with monthly editions. Each month, we’ll talk about something completely different. It could be a car review, a new auto release, a conversation about car culture, or an interview with a student about their car.


*This column is in full knowledge of the environmental impact of cars. While I too love combustion, I understand and believe that we need to switch to more sustainable transportation if we want to save our planet*


This month, we’re reviewing one of my favorite trucks right now – the Ram TRX. Despite being owned by a European company, Dodge is one of the most American brands there is and is known for creating cars that don’t make sense: cars that are truly thrilling. They call these cars hellcats. Most come with 6.2L supercharged V8s, an engine which Dodge has decided it can put in anything.


Back in 2018, Dodge shared this engine with Jeep, who put it in a family SUV – the Trackhawk. That brings us to the TRX. Brought out in 2021, this full-size truck has 702hp and is claimed to do 0-60 in 4.5s. That’s fast, especially for a truck. The TRX is meant to be a Ford Raptor competitor. In fact, if you lift up the engine cover, there’s a picture of a t-rex eating a raptor. For now, that’s exactly what this truck does.


This is a truck with a sports car inside. The TRX has launch control, and has been tested to do 0-60 in 3.7s – 0.8s quicker than claimed. With a supercharger regulating boost up to 11 psi, this truck goes fast and sounds great. It also has a sports mode which tightens the suspension, decreases shift time, and sends torque optimally, making the TRX an on-road beast.


The TRX is as good on the road as it is off. With Bilstein Black Hawk e2 adaptive shocks, this truck’s suspension can be comfortable on road and unbreakable off. The TRX comes with a baja mode which allows it to jump over desert dunes. It can also wade through 32 inches of water and has five skid plates to protect it from damage. With 11.8″ of ground clearance, it probably won’t need them though. All this, with a muscle car engine inside.


This truck doesn’t skimp on luxury either. Like most modern cars, it has a large vertical screen in the center, heated leather seats, and all the safety tech people need. The interior is a comfy place to be.


Overall, the Ram TRX is a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy dune jumping, off roading, and racing. It’s well put together, comfortable, and adaptable. And – one more time – it comes with a hellcat inside.


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