November Stress Reading

Lauren Hendershot (she/her), Columnist

When it seems like there is a test everyday a lot of us turn to stress eating, but have you tried stress reading? Instead of consuming salty chips and mac & cheese, you are consuming salty experience and cheesy narratives. An anonymous source has given us some funny narrative this month:


  1. I used to refuse to go to the bathroom in the toilet, so I would hide behind furniture and poop. My parents would find little surprises behind every chair.

  2. I was on vacation in a different country, and in the middle of the night I fell out of my bunk bed onto the wooden floor. My parents wanted to check if I had a concussion so they asked me questions. “What day is it?” My dad asked. “Stuff she knows!” My mom said back. “Where are we?” My dad decided on it, and I said, “the floor.”

  3. I had to go to the bathroom and the only toilet around was a port-a-potty on the side of the road. I didn’t realize that the lock on the door was broken. While I was peeing the door was blown open from the wind and exposed me to all of the cars driving by.

  4. I once fell off the boat during the It’s a Small World ride at Disney world. Splash.