The Aftermath of Astroworld

Hailey Karas, Reporter

On Friday November 5th, the highly anticipated Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas began as the sun started to set. Artists such as Lil Baby, 21 Savage, and SZA accompanied the headliner Travis Scott for a night full of packed musical performances for 50,000 concertgoers.  The festival continued without event up until Travis Scott took to the stage. Events began to unfold as Scott began his performance. The crowd began to swell and rush towards the stage with thousands of people being trapped, crushed, and trampled. Fans tried to leave the area but struggled with the sheer amount of moving people.


Recent developments revealed that ten people were killed, and many more injured and transported to a nearby hospital. Multiple victims were also under the age of 18, according to the Wall Street Journal. Along with physical ailments, attendees of the concert now face psychological trauma.  Emily Munguia was at the festival and told CNN that she “…felt so scared, like I was going to die.” This tragedy is one that Munguia and other victims will remember for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, it will likely affect their views on attending future concerts and festivals. 


Travis Scott and other celebrities released statements following the concert, during which none of them acknowledged their role in the events that occurred. Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott’s girlfriend, released a statement offering her condolences, as well as reiterating the idea that none of the performers or celebrities were aware of the ongoing chaos. While apologizing is important, many people are criticizing the response, saying that it’s too little too late. 


This tragedy also brought up numerous questions: Where were the security measures that were promised? Why didn’t Travis Scott stop the concert once he saw the crowd being injured? Should artists be held responsible for things out of their control that happen at their concerts? TikTok user @imanbtw shared her experience at the concert, saying that security was barely performing bag checks and were also letting people in without wristbands. This could have contributed to the massive crowds and impacted the alleged opioid dosing happening at the festival. If security was as light as Iman claims, people could have brought in opiates with the intention of doping other people. This might have impacted people’s responses during the critical minutes of the situation. Lack of wristbands could have also increased the amount of people at the concert, possibly making it so that there were far more than 50,000 people, endangering everybody present. 


So, is Travis Scott to blame for what went on at Astroworld Fest? Many people say yes, citing that other artists such as Adele and Harry Styles have stopped concerts in the past when they saw fans being injured. Travis Scott would have recognized that people were being hurt and could’ve seen signs that there was an issue. He had opportunities to pause the concert and encourage his fans to calm down. This tragedy sets the tone for future concerts. Artists are partially responsible for their fans’ safety and should do everything in their power to make sure that people aren’t injured or killed.