Mental Health Reminder: Don’t Pile Your Plate!

Emma Correll (she/her), Columnist

As life continues to get busier as we grow older, we are often left at the end of the day with much to still do. Sometimes we allow obligations to blur our minds from experiences and general wellness. We should attempt to have a good part of each day which may become hard to see if you can only focus on the parts that may be overwhelming  you. 


Much like having your evening dinner, when you pile your plate full of food and go beyond what you can take you’re often left feeling sick in the end. We can avoid this feeling by taking a few things off of our plate to alleviate stress. In this case it is important to ask ourselves “What can I accomplish without going too far?” By asking ourselves this we are still putting our tasks on a pedestal to be completed while also prioritizing ourselves and our emotions. This correlates with setting boundaries with our workloads, which includes heightening our awareness of when we consider our workload too much. If your tasks come to a point of ‘too much’ it may be best to drop a few things that are not worth your time. By doing this we can also exercise the confidence of saying no to people. Another possibility would be to ask yourself “What can I accomplish right now to take off a large majority of my stress?” This helps by letting us feel accomplished, instead of giving up things as a whole or putting it off you can take care of the things that are  contributing to pulling you down the most.  


A reminder for everyone is that if you cannot accomplish everything, that is okay. We cannot continue to set ourselves up for stress by the constriction of our school, work, and personal lives. It is more important to take care of ourselves and put us first before we take on excessive obligations.